Bień Architekci

Our offer

Architecture is our passion and this is why it can, without fatigue, be also our everyday life.
Thanks to this passion each of the undertaken themes becomes a challenge for us.

As architects we set ourselves a task of both creating space and also creating moods.
We believe that architecture has a direct impact on behaviours and feelings of people receiving it.
We are sceptical of temporary fashion, catchy slogans and flashy manifestos.
We believe in rational and simple solutions. In our work we want to speak with contemporary means,
however we remember the spatial, historical and cultural contexts.

We are an atelier creating modern architecture inscribed in the context of the place.
We focus on both the urban relationships of the designed objects as well as the precisely designed details.
Each project is approached individually, in cooperation with investor throughout the whole process.
We approach each project in a creative way whether it is a graphic design, small spatial form
or a large-scale investment in urban planning.

We offer a comprehensive range of services from initial analysis and concepts, building and executive projects,
until author’s supervision, interior design and visual identification.

We invite you to learn more about our projects.